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The easiest hosting solution. Ever.

Get rid of all the tedium. You don't have to handle techincal stuff regarding domain names, renewals, DNS, etc. Just design your website and upload. That's all! 

You upload your site whenever you have to. We don't charge as per any time period (no monthly! no yearly!) Just purchase a ticket for one website upload. 

One Zip. One Click.

The upload ticket lasts for 72 hours which is plenty of time for you to make adjustments

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Your brand = Your Web Address 

For a small, one time fee, get yourself a web address that is based on your brand. We take responsibility of renewing the main domain -- you enjoy the branded web address as a subdomain on our main domain. For life!

Professional Email 

No more gmail, yahoo, hotmail address. Get yourself a professional email address based on your own brand! We set such an email address free, on request once you create a web address with us.

The simplest site management!

Once you start, you will get an account management page. Use that one simple management page to fully manage all your hosting requirements. One Zip. One Click.

  • Any static website with images!
  • 3rd Party Forms
  • Secure HTTPS website
  • 3rd Party WYSIWYG editor
  • Liftetime address for your brand
  • 12 x 7 Support
  • Professional Email address 

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Custom Web Address 
(one time cost)

Rs 2999/-

*If you do want a customized address, such as a sub-domain from one of our business category domains, this is just a one time cost that you need to pay. For life! 

Price per upload

Rs 1499/-

That is the cost 1 ticket for uploading your website.  Each ticket will give you an upload window of 72 hours. So you can keep trying various alternatives of your website in that window period.

NOTE:  You would need the web address given by us for this to work

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How much can a you save with us?

Conventional websites
A domain name would cost you at least Rs 500/-  (Often Rs 1500/- per year, depending on the type of domain name you choose) This cost is per year and NOT for life.

Then you need to host it somewhere. That would be at least Rs 9600/- per year (i.e Rs 800 per month).  Plus you need to add in the efforts and time needed to learn how to configure your system, learn all the nitty gritties of DNS, registrar, etc and ...then remembering to renew...uff!

Now, if you get a customized address from us, then it would cost you just a small amount for life. Assuming you upload 4 times a year to update your website, you would be spending just Rs 6000/-  per year. Many people may spend much less as they may not update so many times.  And  zero technical knowledge to do all this!

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Who are we?

This product is from an innovative software laboratory from India. We are a small, energetic, enthusiastic team. 

Our laboratory solves some wicked problems, and we offer our solutions to enterprising indians to create their own startups. We then take a royalty from those startups. 

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